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Awesome Headlights offers a mobile detailing service for vehicle restoration. I use top quality equipment, flexible scheduling, and competitive pricing, all brought to your doorstep. Your car will look and feel better than ever before. Enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics today by scheduling an appointment.
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Exterior and interior detailing are two important aspects of keeping your vehicle in top condition. Interior detailing involves thoroughly cleaning and restoring the inside of your car, including the seats, carpets, dashboard, and windows. It may also involve conditioning leather surfaces and removing stains from fabrics.

Exterior detailing, on the other hand, focuses on cleaning and restoring the car’s outer appearance. This includes washing the exterior thoroughly, decontaminating the paint, and waxing to protect it from the elements. Exterior detailing may also involve cleaning the wheels, tires, and other exterior surfaces.

Both interior and exterior detailing are important for maintaining a car’s value and appearance. Detailing also helps to extend the life of your vehicle and ensure that it runs smoothly. It’s recommended to have both interior and exterior detailing done on a regular basis, such as every six months or after a significant amount of use.

Service Includes:

  • Vehicle washed
  • Sap & tar removed (minor)
  • Water spots removed (minor)
  • Rims & tires cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Glass & mirrors cleaned
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Spray wax or gloss coating
  • Interior & trunk or back area vacuumed
  • Pet hair removed (minor)
  • Interior plastics & trim dressed with UV protectant
  • Floor mats vacuumed or washed
  • Dashboard, steering wheel, console & doors cleaned
  • Vents cleaned
  • UV protectant applied to dashboard, console & doors

NOTE: I do NOT do HEAVY PAINT CORRECTION, UPHOLSTERY CLEANING or HEADLINERS. Please allow most of the day for the work to be completed. Prices and time will vary on condition of vehicle, and determined upon visual inspection of vehicle. Access to electricity and water MUST be provided, and ALL personal items must be removed.


Rinseless wash is an alternative method of washing a vehicle without the need for a hose or access to a water source. Instead, a specially formulated rinseless wash solution is used in combination with a microfiber towel to clean the surface of the vehicle. This method is particularly useful for areas with water restrictions, or for those who live in apartment buildings without a convenient water source.

Service Includes:

  • Vehicle washed with rinseless wash solution (adds wax protection and uses ONLY 2-3 GALLONS of water!)
  • Rims & tires cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Exterior glass & mirrors cleaned
  • Spray wax

NOTE: Rinseless washes are designed for SLIGHTLY DIRTY VEHICLES ONLY! Vehicles with moderate or heavy dirt WILL REQUIRE A REGULAR DETAIL.


An engine bay cleaning service can help to extend the life of a vehicle’s engine by keeping it clean and reducing the risk of damage from dirt or debris buildup. It can also improve the overall appearance of the engine bay, making it easier to spot any potential issues during maintenance and inspections. Additionally, a clean engine bay can boost the resale value of a vehicle.

Service Includes:
  • Degreasing
  • Cleaning
  • Dressing
Auto Detailing Portland Engine Bay Detail
Auto Detailing Portland Engine Bay Detail


Restore your car’s black trim to its original condition with black trim restoration services. Sun exposure can cause the trim to appear worn-out, but restoration involves techniques to remove oxidation and restore its color.

Service Includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Application
  • Sealant
Toyota Black Trim Restoration BeforeToyota Tundra Black Trim Restoration After
Dodge Caravan Black Trim restoration BeforeDodge Caravan Black Trim Restoration After


The glass treatment service effectively enhances your driving experience and ensures improved visibility while driving in rainy conditions. At higher speeds, your visibility will remain clear and your reliance on windshield wipers will be reduced. Our professional service includes:

Service Includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Clay decontamination
  • Water repelling coating
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