Basic Auto Detailing Service

I absolutely LOVE detailing my and my families’ vehicles… it’s my happy place. The thought has entered my mind as to if I should offer basic detailing as a side-service. If I were to do so, it would be a BASIC service. I’M NOT A PROFESSIONAL, so there are a few things I am not qualified or experienced in doing. What I would offer is exactly what I currently do to my vehicles.

This is what I currently do, and feel comfortable doing:


  • Degrease and clean tires and rims
  • Rinse
  • Hand wash
  • Dry
  • Apply wax and/or sealant
  • Apply black trim restorer
  • Clean windows
  • Apply tire shine


  • Remove trash
  • Vacuum seats, upholstery and floorboards
  • Clean dash, doors and other interior surfaces
  • Clean windows
  • Apply protectant/shine


  • Clean engine bay
  • Headlight restoration (of course!)

I HAVE NO OR VERY LIMITED experience or equipment to do the following:

  • Paint correction (removing defects, scratches, swirl marks, etc.)
  • Stain removal on seats, upholstery
  • High-end coatings (ceramic)

I feel that a lot of people DON’T always require advanced or full-service details. They just want a clean, washed vehicle, and they DON’T have time to do it themselves, or wait in line at the car wash.

If this interests you, and you are interested in having me do a basic detail of your vehicle, contact me. NOTE: You must provide a water and electrical connection.