THE Process

The following are the 8 steps for my headlight restoration service. I can guarantee that my service will make your headlights look AWESOME!

part 1 - Inspect

The first thing I do is inspect the headlight’s condition and determine the amount of work involved. If you are able to send a photo of your headlights using the CONTACT FORM, this would be helpful. If there is anything inside the headlight that I don’t feel I can remove, I will try to let you know at this point.

part 2 - Prep

This step is similar to what painting contractors do. I start by covering the hood and surrounding areas around the headlights with a sheet. This prevents spots of compound and polish from getting all over during the polishing step.

part 3 - Sand

This is the main step that will remove most of the oxidation from your headlights. I start with the most abrasive sandpaper first (the lower the number, the more abrasive it is). While sanding, the headlights are sprayed frequently with water (similar to polishing stone or jewelry). The process is called “wet sanding”. This removes both the original headlight coating and most of the oxidation.

part 4 - Polish

This is where the “AWESOME” happens!! With the oxidation removed, it’s now time to bring back the clarity and shine. If your headlights aren’t very oxidized, this is the part I would start with. Rubbing compound and polish are applied, which have a mild abrasive that will smooth out the final sanding. After this step is finished, the awesome clarity and shine are revealed!

part 5 - Reveal

This is where the final result is revealed! I will go over everything I did and kindly ask you if the job was done to your satisfaction. Usually this is where I’m told that I must have REPLACED the headlights, instead of restoring them, because they look BRAND NEW. With your approval, I will do the final part, sealing.

part 6 - SEAL

Everything I just did will be for NOTHING if this final step isn’t done. The headlights look awesome, but they are now even more vulnerable to oxidation because the original coating was removed. They will return to the way they looked before if they aren’t protected. A durable UV barrier and protective coating is sprayed on. This coating layer helps to improve and maintain optical clarity for up to a year, depending on the environment the vehicle is in.

part 7 - Cleanup

The final step is cleanup. I clean up any remaining compound, polish and excess water from around the headlights and the front part of the vehicle.

part 8 - Follow-up

As part of my ongoing customer service, I will follow up with you, via text message, call or email. This is mainly to THANK YOU again for your business, and to answer any further questions. If I have truly done an AWESOME job, I would greatly appreciate a 1-2 sentence review that I can post on the website. Or if you prefer, a review on Google or Nextdoor.